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tv   FOX 10 News 530pm  FOX  November 16, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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a big, soggy mess on noer way to put it, a big soggy mess on a.s.u.'s tempe campus. a water pipe burst and it caused major flooding. tonight, over 100 freshman are in a hotel. >> reporter: students flooded out of their dorm rooms and it may take days before they can go back in. you can see windows have been cracked open to air it out after a broken water pipe caused a big mess leaving 160 students displaced. >> it was hot water and they were trying to run through it without getting burned. >> reporter: it started on the fifth floor. as water traveled through the building, students shared images like these on snapchat, flooded elevators. >> it was up to people's hips and knees and really high.
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dorm that was attached to the one flooded forcing her to evacuate, too. the good news is we have no injuries to report but the cause of the water pipe to burst is still under investigation. a.s.u. saying everything is being looked into. a day rate, water spots can be seen on the walls. >> it is going to take time to get this cleaned up. students were allowed back into their rooms to gather their belongings and they have been relocated to other hotels and dorm rooms. it is expected to be five days before they are allowed to go back home. >> the shopping season kicks off in full gear, we have black friday and cyber monday. it is coming at us fast. guys, it is coming at us fast. it means millions of packages will be on their way to homes but it also means that people
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porch pirates, people who steal things off of your porch. this is becoming an increasing problem. >> reporter: so much that people joke after black friday and cyber monday comes package theft wednesday. last year more than 20 million americans had packages stolen from their homes, according to a study. porch pirating spikes right now. spottying the goodies not difficult. stomach porch pirates will follow a van from amazon, ups, or fedex as drivers make deliveries to homes. the thief will watch the package dropped off, once the driver leave, they swipe it off of the porch. surveillance videos fill the internet. it happened to kaitlin.
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they opened the package a couple houses down and realized it was a book and threw it on the ground. >> reporter: today, kaitlin was home for her delivery. the next delivery for this ups driver down the street the homeowner was there as well. mary bell was happy to receive the door handles she orders on the internet. she orders and tracks her packages so she knows when they are coming. she finds the rise of the porch pirating troubling. >> it could be medication or something i really needed. it would put somebody in a bind. it is a shame. >> reporter: amazon and internet stores are trying to use amazon lockers set up in front of convenience stores. you have your packages sent here and pick them up when you're ready. another option from a seattle company is called the package
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your porch. it notifies you when a delivery driver sets a package on it. more advice, sign up for the e-mail notification when the package is in route and when it is expected to be delivered to your doorstep. i like this one. go to your neighbors, say look i'm expecting a delivery, when it comes, will you pick it up for me. if you can't do that, insure your valuable items. you can pay for it with a credit card just in case it is stolen. online shopping is great. we love to do it. it is only great if you get your stuff. linda williams, fox 10 news. >> glendale firefighters battling flames at an apartment complex. sky fox was over the scene at
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road. not clear how it started. a judge is telling border patrol to improve sleeping conditions after a civil case was filed, which dealt with complaints about the food and cold temperature, lack of access to medical care. border patrol officials say agents are constantly processing new detainees, which can interrupt sleep for those already there. they are being ordered to improve sleeping conditions and do their jobs. a disastrous mess to clean up in florida when two trains collide. look at the aftermath. twisted metal everywhere. early this morning, two cargo trains jumped the track after colliding with each other. it caused 20 cars to overturn and topple off the tracks. the two men on the trains were
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the trains were carrying coal and what caused the crash is unknown. san francisco has some of the highest property values in the country. one of the most exclusive build s-gs sinking in the ground. san francisco's 58th story millennium tower is starting to tilt. the residents who paid big bucks is not happy. the city is suing telling the buyers and they knew the building was sinking back in 2008. >> more than a foot is going to take it off kilter. >> we showed the golf ball moving across the floor. that is how they discovered it. these are in the 10s of millions of dollars that people paid for these penthouses. more than a year that the condos
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there was a problem and the building was sinking. >> you wonder sometimes whether you wake up in the morning because if the earthquake occurs and the building does collapse, you may not know it. >> never thought about that and that is a real threat in san francisco. >> the developer says the ground was weakened by a government dig across the street. there is a lot of finger the residents wants some answers here. the dig across the street done by the government put stress on the building and basically, there is no resolution right now. on brown university, someone tore up and threw away american flags planned for veterans day ceremony. flags were planted by veterans.
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showing someone discarding broken flags. students think it is connected to the election. >> we're going to live in this country for four more years with donald trump as president, we have to get along with each other. vandalizing flags like this on veterans day is not the way we go about that. >> well said. brown university released this statement saying removing flags set up for a veterans day ceremony is in direct opposition to brown's values. if they find out who is responsible. a 9-year-old boy saves his baby brother from what could have been disaster. we're going to hear from the family who calls big brother a guardian angel. habitat for humanity and the city of phoenix is encouraging kids to read. where you can expect to see these little libraries popping up. atorrid affair on the set of the original "star wars" movie.
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the city of phoenix teaming up with habitat for the city of phoenix the city of phoenix taling up with the habitat of humanity
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reading. anita roman has the story. >> reporter: phoenix mayor greg stanton shared his love of reading this morning. >> the crowd celebrated. >> reporter: the group of third and fourth graders gave the city leader their full attention, which is the purpose behind the free little library. >> it is part of our phoenix achieves program. it is our partnership with schools across the city reading by third grade top pillar of our programs. >> reading is crucial and that opens up so many doors for our children, whether it is fiction and not fiction to engage in a book and think about the possibilities of their future what is currently going on in their lives and perhaps one day becoming writers themselves. >> reporter: the city teamed up with habitat for humanity,
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in roy's barber shops. >> all of the materials are donated and put together by volunteers and paid for by volunteers. >> i feel grateful and i'm hopeful i will come here more than i can imagine. >> reporter: the kids can take a book and leave a book. they are encouraged to read as much as possible. >> mayor stanen hopes to have at last 100 of these fre a 9-year-old making a stunning save catching his baby brother when the baby falls off the changing table. this was amazing. did you see this video today? >> good hands. >> reporter: he and his mom say it is nothing short of a miracle. this is the upper right corner of your screen. the baby is learning how to roll and boom, in comes big brother for the save. >> that is larry fitzgerald.
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a 9-year-old baby jumping into action catches the little guy as he falls from the table. he rushed over to catch his 30-pound brother and he did. >> i felt like something pushed me forward and i ran and caught him. >> i believe in god and i believe in miracles. i have never seen one first hand. i was home alone with the five kids. i messed u i did something wrong. i realized it was just a miracle. i must have done something right to be deserving of this little guy running in at the right time. >> it could have been jerry rice that is amazing. >> mom says she is going to be more careful. when the babies start to roll like that, it is when you least expect it. one day they have a big
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rolling. >> yeah, and your life is about to change. >> yeah, you start moving a lot faster. i thank god for the 9-year-old. he saved the day. >> remember you could not wait for them to take their first steps and after a couple of weeks -- >> that is when you drop the mommy weight. when they start moving is when you drop the weight. the new deal from united airlines. you may not like this one. you want to read the sll before you buy the ticket. >> you should. this is voted one of the friendliest cities in the country. we're going to tell you where it is. >> reporter: we're talking cardinals. carson palmer's great respect for bruce arians but wait until you hear what he has to say about vikings' head coach mike zimmer. we're looking ahead to sunday's
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? what a song, by the way. an update in a story that we brought you yesterday involving ben franklin's damaged grave stone. the grave developed a crack and it was allegedly because people are tossing pennies on it. it is going to cost thousands of dollars to fix but fortunately,
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stepped up to repair the landmark. can you cause the crack by pennies? >> maybe the weight of the pennies. there is not just coach and business class anymore. united has added one more layer. you might as well be sitting with a cargo on this one. they have a really basic economy fare. prices will be as low as will the fris, it will include no frequent flyer points, no advance seat selection, carry-ons are limited to one tiny item you can put underneath the seat and you cannot use the overhead bins. >> next thing you will hang from ropes. >> if you're going from point a. and b. and you don't care, i don't know.
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target is hoping to change the world of retail business. they are hoping to open 100 small stores. they operate one in manhattan's hip tribeca neighborhood. dow jones falling 54 points but the nasdaq jumped 18 points and that is tonight's fox business watch. ? i music beds are amazing. pop sugar is out with the list of friendliest cities. santa fe, new mexico made the cut known for great food. burlington, vermont is a great choice. park city, utah, great, great choice and nashville. no arizona cities made it on the list. >> reporter: crucial game for
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two backup offensive lineman versus one of the defensive fronts. bruce arians aggressive play calling against mike zimmer's schemes. vikings hosting the cardinals. you look at the minnesota team. they won the first five and lost the last four but they can put pressure on the quarterback. they are tough against the run. when you think about griffin, played high school football and u.s.c. mic zimmer blitz where he puts pressure between the center and the guard. they are tough, big, physical. number 98, a good run stopper. eric kendrickss, ryan robeson. this will be a tough task. back to carson palmer, he knows mike zimmer. zimmer was the defensive coordinator and listen
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vikings' head coach. >> extremely tough, smart, i know he likes defensive team speed. likes to create some confusion with some of the stuff they do with the fronts. from my time with him there is not another coach in the league the way i respect him. he is as good as they get. everyone is held accountable, whether you are the best player on the be get cult and that is something the guys respect. he doesn't hold back. he tells you the truth. he doesn't sugar coat things. if you need to do better, you better do better or he is going to replac you and he is serious about things like that. >> reporter: sounds like he is describing bruce arians as well. 9:00 a.m. nfl kickoff and the game, cardinals-vikings.
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do you do with two backup offensive lineman. we'll talk how to counter two offensive lineman. back at 6:00. coming up, the "star wars" romance that was apparently out
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? ok, well, there was commemorate tri on the screen but there was chemistry off the screen. it looks like hans solo and princess leia hadal torrid affair during the making of "star wars." >> did you ad lib torres? >> no, carrie fisher said she enjoyed an affair with hair son ford was 33 and married with two kids. the romance went on for three months and ended when the shooting of the film ended. >> reprter: i'm marc martinez. coming up at 6:00, why a judge wants to drop pimping charges against former owners of phoenix new times in running what is
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thank you for joining us tonight at 6:00, a homeowner opens fire on a young man who tries to break into his house in buckeye hitting him several times. paramedics took to 1-year-old would-be burglar to the hospital where he is expected to survive. >> reporter: marc, this was a scary scene this afternoon. let me step out of the way. you can see the daylight is gone but the investigation goes on. all of the activity centered
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sky fox was over the scene when police first arrived at this home. it happened around 1:00, as i mentioned. the couple staying with her brother for the time being. the wife is seven months pregnant. she is fine. the husband did have a weapon and when he arrived back home, the brother of the wife will tell you what happened next. >> my brother-in-law and his wife were home and they ordered a pizza so they went to p the pizza. when they came back, there was a vehicle here in the yard and he did not recognize it. when he went into the house to find out what was going on because someon was in the house, he asked us if we knew who it was. we said no. he found him into the garage and got into an altercation and they fought and wrestled around and he ended up shooting him twice.


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